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WEROKA is the acronym for "We are OK, Africa".

We are a Holding Company registered in the Democratic Republic of Congo - WEROKA HOLDING (SPRL)(DRC).

The Directors and Staff of WEROKA HOLDING (SPRL)(DRC) come from diverse backgrounds with a wide variety of talent, knowledge and experience which makes each one unique in his / her own right. Combined, we are a team of achievers, adding enormous value to the task at hand.

Our mission as Coordinating Consultants, is to function in partnership with investors; contractors; engineers and the governments, as the "Gateway / Bridge" to the much needed infrastructural development projects in Africa. We started with the Southern African Developing Countries.

WEROKA HOLDING (SPRL)(DRC)'s goal is to support and act in the best interest of the Government and its people, in order to add value and improve the quality of life of all its citizens.

WEROKA HOLDING (SPRL)(DRC) strongly believe in Macro Economic Development, never losing sight of the socio-economical and environmental impact that any project may have on that particular area, with the local people in mind, example:

* Sustainable employment (job creation) and empowerment of the local and rural communities.
* Transfer of skills.
* Projects must have socio-economic benefits that add value for those communities involved.
* Projects must have a positive influence that enhance and protect the resources, i.e. tourism, industry, forests, minerals, etc.

WEROKA HOLDING (SPRL)(DRC) urgently seeks partners, investors, contractors and engineers on the number of contracts already secured in the areas of construction; roads and bridges construction; water sanitation; manufacturing and refurbishment of boats and barrages; waste management; hydro-electricity; etc.

Africa deserves the highest priority and attention at this moment as we believe that Africa is the continent for now and the future.

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