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Our Africa has no borders. There is life beyond from wherever you had yourself cocooned in. We are Africans, and therefore we see the whole continent of Africa as our oyster; our heritage. We have a responsibility to assist our fellow African countries and love our African brothers and sisters. Africa has been raped for far too long! Africa is the continent of the future, starting now.

The Cow.

Traditionally in Africa, one's wealth is measured by the number of cattle you have.
The gold Africa on the forehead symbolizes the huge wealth in natural resources of Africa like; gold; oil; diamonds; etc.
Symbolises: Wealth.

The hide of the cow can be used for clothing, or protection against the elements.
Symbolises: Protection.

The meat of the cow, we can eat.
Symbolises: Nutrition.

But most important, the milk can feed our babies.
We feel very strong about social commitment, skills transfer, empowerment, etc. of the locals, wherever we are involved in projects. It is all well to assist with much-needed infrastructures, but what is in it for those locals in the remote and rural areas.
Symbolises: a better future for the children.

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